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Adrian Roselli
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Thanksgiving, Social Media and Tech Support

Does this Foursquare map of holiday travel look like a turkey to anyone but me? Three years ago I hosted Thanksgiving at my house, tweeting photos of the bird and small brush fire. Two years ago I wrote a post Enjoying Thanksgiving with Social Media and then wrapped my car…


Tags: browser, fonts, food, internet, social media

Perplexing Prefixes

Mostly I wanted a title with a little alliteration (like that sentence). What I am talking about in the title are vendor prefixes for CSS, those little bits of words and dashes that appear in front of what would otherwise be a W3C CSS declaration, but denotes that this one…


Tags: browser, css, standards, W3C

Struggling with Semantics

Now that HTML5 is starting to crack the mainstream, misunderstood and misrepresented though it may be , it makes sense that more and more developers and contributors should start to struggle with the shifting assignment of semantic meaning to the HTML5 elements. I wrote about this on Halloween in my…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, html, standards, W3C, whatwg

Even the Return of [time] Is a Painful Process

Last Monday I wrote about some recent changes to the WHATWG HTML5 draft spec (HTML5 kills [time], Resurrects [u]), which then lead to my post discussing how the process to adjust the HTML5 spec only serves to confuse developers (End of <time> Is Not Helping the Case for HTML5). Then…


Tags: html, rant, standards, W3C, whatwg

Flash Isn’t Going Away, Except from Your Mobile

You may have heard some rumors that Flash is going away. You may read it as vindication for Steve Jobs. You may have decided web development will now change. You may be under the impression that HTML5 can do all the things Flash can. You can be excused when you…


Tags: Adobe, css, Flash, html, standards

Well, It’s about [time]

The decision to allow <time> back into the HTML5 fold has been made. Just like that, one element is restored. This recent dust-up still tells me that all the elements are always in peril. You can read the full decision in the email archives. This section of the email describing…


Tags: accessibility, html, standards, W3C, whatwg

End of [time] Is Not Helping the Case for HTML5

Yesterday afternoon I posted a general overview of recent changes in HTML5, focusing on this weekend’s development over the removal of <time>: HTML5 kills <time>, Resurrects <u> I thought I was already a little late to the party, but apparently not so. With the start of the week people swung…


Tags: accessibility, html, rant, standards, W3C, whatwg