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Adrian Roselli
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Social Media Club Buffalo: #TacoVino

Last night the local Social Media Club chapter here in Buffalo put on the event TacoVino, a wine tasting paired with a local taco truck who has social media to thank for some of its success. City Wine Merchant opened its doors, and bottles of wine, while Lloyd Taco Truck…


Tags: food, social media

Browsers to Add Tracking Blockers

This may be somewhat old news by now, but given the hubbub last night that Apple and some makers of apps for the iPhone are getting sued over tracking users without consent, it seems that the struggle between privacy and features will never be old news. Back at the dawn…


Tags: browser, Firefox, internet, Internet Explorer, Microsoft, privacy

You Get What You Pay For

First off, let me apologize for ending the title of this post with a preposition. I am playing off an idiom, so I think I have some leeway. Besides, “You get that for which you pay” just doesn’t roll off the tongue. In the last week I have watched two…


Tags: Brightkite, Facebook, Foursquare, Google, Gowalla, internet, Microsoft, rant, SCVNGR, social media, Twitter, Yahoo, YouTube

W3C to Explore a Federated Social Web

You might recognize the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) from such specifications as HTML, CSS, XHTML, ARIA, MWABP and other acronyms that are hardly pronounceable. Today the W3C has added yet another item to its list, in the form of the Federated Social Web Incubator Group (the announcement). You may…


Tags: social media, standards, W3C

W3C Releases Mobile Web App Best Practices

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the standards body that has brought us such fun specs as HTML, XHTML (or what’s left of it), CSS and other exciting yet dry specs, has today announced that it has created a standard for mobile web applications best practices. From the Mobile Web…


Tags: mobile, standards, UX, W3C

Brightkite Yields to Foursquare, Gowalla, Etc.

Brighkite has made an announcement today that affects me and a handful of other people (not counting all the people on Facebook whose timelines I inadvertently spam): Brightkite is dropping check-ins, posts and streams. Brightkite started 3 years ago with a Twitter-like ability to share your random musings. However, it…


Tags: Brightkite, Facebook, Foursquare, geolocation, Gowalla, mobile, SCVNGR, social media, Twitter

Negative Reviews Can Now Affect Site Rank Downward

One of the ongoing truths about search engine optimization (SEO) has been that inbound links are usually a good thing. This has caused SEO scammers to abuse the practice by creating and using “link farms,” sites that exist solely to link back to client sites. This “spamdexing” technique is based…


Tags: accessibility, Google, search, SEM, SEO, usability, UX

Two Advent Calendars for Web Developers

One of the best parts of December, regardless of whether you believe in Christmas or that it belongs in December, is the fun of the advent calendar. As a kid I used to look forward to jamming a new piece of creche-themed chocolate (chocolate stablehand, anyone?) into my mouth every…


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