This, the F**k, Is Social Media Now

Yes, it’s a tired title already. But it’s based on the third installment of the popular What the F**k is Social Media NOW? slide show that’s been recycling around the web again for the last couple weeks. As such, not including it here almost makes me seem like I’m clueless. Scroll down to see it embedded.

Back in October I linked the Social Media Revolution video from this blog after I spoke to a few hundred people about that very topic (social media, not videos). I made the poor assumption they had all seen it. Of course the video has been updated too, so I’ve embedded the May 2010 version below.

These both demonstrate to those not familiar with social media or its impact (or those who haven’t been dragged kicking and screaming into it yet) just how far-reaching and influential it is as an overall medium.

In June, Read Write Web posted a story, Social Media Era Set to Peak in 2012, that I have heard social media naysayers and detractors reference completely out of context. First of all, nobody set social media to start its insane climb to ubiquity, and nobody can set it to peak, fall off, or get me a cup of coffee. It’s a constantly moving target that is fed by the masses, not pundits and think tanks. The chart used in the article really speaks about the rise of terms more than anything. For example, “web 2.0” peaked back in 2007 on the chart. Which as a term, it did. As the core concept that spawned that term, it’s more alive today than it ever was in 2007 — just look at the typical web site today to see how interactive and responsive it has become.

If anything peaks in 2012, it’s the hype about social media, not the actual practice. You may no longer be forced to look at Twitter logos on drink boxes and Foursquare badges on shower stalls, but social media as a concept has already infiltrated the web and our society and isn’t going away. It will simply become expected as a part of everyday life.

The article does eventually state that social media adoption may peak. I think it misses the point, getting mired down in the current technical implementations and forgetting that once everyone is using it, there will be no more need for adoption. It will be everywhere.

Ok, enough of my ramblings, check out the eye candy…

Now go tweet how awesome this post is. Srsly.



I hate that Social Media Revolution video because of the music. The data is all about the current state of Social Media but they choose to use a song from 1999… sorry to be so cranky. But I agree with everything else you write about :)

Francine; . Permalink

That's not cranky, the song is over used. But I suspect the license for that song was far cheaper than something from Moby. I suggest muting it and tuning in something up more appropriate. I am trying "Xanadu" by Olivia Newton-John.


Your embedded presentation's buttons don't work in Safari.


Actually, it appears to be broken in general. Perhaps SlideShare doesn't like me. I'll look into it. At the very least, the link to view it on SlideShare still works.

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