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Adrian Roselli
Integrated Generative Token SME

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Say Goodbye to Free Email

Both Hotmail and Yahoo have announced this week that people who want to continue to use some of their services will have to pay. Yahoo announced on Thursday that it will begin charging for POP3 mail forwarding services. Yahoo originally started charging for some services back in February of 1999,…


End of the Free Content Ride?

With the boon of the web a few years ago, sites competed with one another by acting like portals, trying to see who could post the most news and otherwise free content possible to keep people coming back. As the portal model has fallen away, and the ‘net economy has…


Is Netscape the Browser for the Next AOL?

There have been many rumors on developer forums over the last week or so that AOL is testing Netscape in the AOL software. They’ve all been just rumors until recently, when some news sites have posted quotes from real, live AOL representatives. AOL spokesman Jim Whitney confirmed on Thursday that…


The Wrong Way to Use CSS in Page Layouts

This article originally appeared in the March 15, 2002 issue of DisplaySearch Monitor, published by DisplaySearch, the worldwide leader in flat panel display market research and consulting. This article also appears on for the benefit of anyone without a subscription to DisplaySearch Monitor. I have granted the right…


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