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Adrian Roselli
Integrated Machine Learning Platform MVP

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A Little More on Klout and My Magical Gift

The graphic above shows my Klout score as of today. Not only did my number jump dramatically, I also shifted from being an Explorer to being a Specialist. That corresponds to a two column jump in the Klout 4×4 graph of social influence. I don’t know how that is measured,…


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Social Scoring As the New SEO

Lately I have noticed that Klout is getting a lot of traction in discussions about social media. It may be that there is just more coverage, or the name has started to penetrate to more users, or the idea of social scoring is becoming more interesting to marketers. It’s also…


Tags: Klout, SEO, social media

Does Your Klout Score Mean Anything?

I tend to be wary of anything that reviews what I write and offers to spit out a score of how valuable it is. Just as I have mistrust for web sites that claim to be “Bobby Validated” for accessibility (I’m dating myself a bit there), or personality tests that…


Tags: Klout, social media