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Adrian Roselli
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Google to Let Users Opt Out of Analytics Tracking

Given all the flak Google has taken recently (see my post yesterday, More Social Media Privacy News), I wasn’t too surprised to see this headline come through from ReadWriteWeb: Google Will Soon Allow You to Opt Out of Google Analytics Tracking.In a blog post from yesterday (More choice for users:…


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New Google Analytics Features

In the article “Google Analytics Now More Powerful, Flexible and Intelligent” from last Tuesday (yes, I know I’m behind on this) on the Google Analytics Blog, the Analytics team has introduced some interesting new features. Some of the updates:Two new goal types allow you to set thresholds for Time on…


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Three Good Site Search Articles

A List Apart has posted a triple threat today: three articles on site search and reporting.Testing Search for Relevancy and Precision by John Ferrara discusses relevancy testing and precision testing for your search results based on what users have searched for within your web site. He even provides a spreadsheet…


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