Three Good Site Search Articles

A List Apart has posted a triple threat today: three articles on site search and reporting.

  1. Testing Search for Relevancy and Precision by John Ferrara discusses relevancy testing and precision testing for your search results based on what users have searched for within your web site. He even provides a spreadsheet to help you calculate relevanc, equations in place and ready to go.
  2. Internal Site Search Analysis: Simple, Effective, Life Altering! by Avinash Kaushik presents methods to analyze your site search data to determine the intent of users. He uses Google Analytics in his examples, handy for so very many of us to see what is essentially a tutorial in practice.
  3. Beyond Goals: Site Search Analytics from the Bottom Up by Lou Rosenfeld (who wrote up a case study on in one of his books a few years back) addresses how a bottom-up analysis of site search data can provide valuable insight into user goals and behavior. He builds on the examples from the first two articles and ties them all together rather nicely.

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