My QR Code

This is my QR code landing page. You are here probably because you stood really close to me and scanned a QR code on my hat or shirt. In which case I'd like to think I know you. Otherwise you are a very sneaky stalker and bravo to you.

If you are interested in QR codes then here are three handy resources for you to read:

QR Codes Work, Just Not in the U.S.
July-05-2015 — I note that while popular in Southeast Asia, they are apparently doomed to be forgotten here in the U.S.
Find QR Code Mistakes Before Making Your Own
Jun-30-2011 — I discuss some practical, local, real-life experiences of where QR codes fail in the hopes that I can provide some cautions when a real business case for their use does present itself.
Making and Using QR Codes
Mar-28-2011 — If you happened to spend any time at SxSW this year, then you probably were inundated with QR codes everywhere you looked. People were attaching them to everything — backpacks, street signs, business cards and probably even pets. This walk-through covers the basics for making your own.
Real World Hyperlinks
Mar-08-2010 — If you've seen those odd square bar-code-looking blocks in advertisements, then you have seen the QR code, a real world hyperlink. Intended to be read by mobile devices, it's a great method to provide hyperlinks on paper.