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Accessibility ‘Gaps’ in MVPs

“Tires are foundational to all our concept cars! You can tell because we left a wheel well to hold one!” A common refrain I see from companies is a variation of “Accessibility is a core principle!” They will include it in messaging, brag about their team, talk about how great…


Tags: accessibility, rant, UX

Overlays Underwhelm at WordPress A11y Day

I presented this talk for the 2022 installment of WordPress Accessibility Day, a model very much influenced by the ID24 event — 24 hours solid of online talks. I have embedded the video here, though this encompasses six session. The video should be cued up to my session. You can…


Tags: accessibility, overlay, slides, speaking

role=dice for #a11yTOgaming

I had the pleasure / terror of presenting a table-top RPG presentation at this year’s accessibility Toronto gaming (#a11yTOgaming) event. My 0riginal PowerPoint presentation, which includes my speaker notes / ignored script as well as the videos (79MB). Or grab the much smaller video-free tagged PDF (13.2MB). The background for…


Tags: accessibility, slides, speaking

Overlays Underwhelm at ID24

Owing to a last minute cancellation, I had the pleasure of presenting at Inclusive Design 24, a live streaming 24-hour solid conference. In the interest of full disclosure, I am also an organizer and a sponsor. I had to step away from hosting duties to give the talk and then…


Tags: accessibility, overlay, slides, speaking

Brief Note on Super- and Subscript Text

Thanks to a conversation on the A11y Slack, I ran desktop browsers and screen readers through a test to see how they announce content marked up as superscript and subscript. I spun up an old demo from mid-2018 for a quick test: See the Pen HTML Buddies: sub & sup…


Tags: accessibility, Firefox, html, JAWS, VoiceOver

‘Accessibility at the Edge’ W3C CG Is an Overlay Smoke Screen

Another post where I lay it all out in the title. What follows is why I am making this assertion (with a handy table of contents). Timeline 26 May 2022 at 10:58am ET 26 May 2022 at 7:56pm ET 27 May 2022 at 7:38pm ET 28 May 2022 at 5:04pm…


Tags: overlay, W3C

Conveying All-Caps Legal Text

I need your help. Legal documents are common on the web. Each site that has a Terms of Service written in impenetrable and indecipherable legalese, like this sentence, delights in that complexity to dissuade users from reading it and realizing just what they are giving up. “Am”, “add”, and “it”…


Tags: accessibility, html, law, usability, UX

FTC, Commercial Surveillance, and Overlays

August 22, 2022: FTC’s Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) is live as of today. You can share your public comments at Trade Regulation Rule on Commercial Surveillance and Data Security until Friday, October 21, 2022. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission on August 11, 2022 announced it is exploring rules…


Tags: accessibility, law, overlay

Brief Note on Calendar Tables

If you build calendars on the web and abbreviate the days in the column headings (you do use column headings, yeah?), this is how it sounds to a JAWS user. Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos, but don’t worry, you can download it. The caption file is also available…


Tags: html, tables

AI-Generated Images from AI-Generated Alt Text

Dear sighted reader, I want you to read this post without looking at the images. Each has been hidden in a disclosure. Instead, read the alternative text I provide and visualize how it may look. Then read the automatically generated alternative text, and try to visualize it then. Consider how…


Tags: accessibility, usability, UX

Irrational Headings

For years developers have been confused about, fought over, ignored advice on, and generally mis-treated headings. It has bordered on irrational. But let’s look at some actual irrational headings. <hφ> <hφ> corresponds to a heading at roughly level 1.618033988749…. This represents the Golden Ratio and is handy for identifying a…


Tags: html