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Adrian Roselli
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Brief Note on aria-readonly Support

TL;DR: Support for aria-readonly is nearly non-existent for the roles I tested. Should you need it, you cannot rely on it. You will be better off revising the pattern where you think you need it. For some background, the aria-readonly property: Indicates that the element is not editable, but is…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, browser, standards

Your Accessibility Claims Are Wrong, Unless…

Now that it is a market differentiator to talk about accessibility in projects, that’s all many do — talk about it. In a sea of pop-dev noise, “accessibility” can be claimed with little risk someone will challenge it. If someone does, the response is often a fine balance between silence…


Tags: accessibility, browser, rant, standards, usability, WCAG

Accessibility ‘Gaps’ in MVPs

“Tires are foundational to all our concept cars! You can tell because we left a wheel well to hold one!” A common refrain I see from companies is a variation of “Accessibility is a core principle!” They will include it in messaging, brag about their team, talk about how great…


Tags: accessibility, rant, UX

Overlays Underwhelm at WordPress A11y Day

I presented this talk for the 2022 installment of WordPress Accessibility Day, a model very much influenced by the ID24 event — 24 hours solid of online talks. I have embedded the video here, though this encompasses six session. The video should be cued up to my session. You can…


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