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Experimenting with Text and CSS background-clip

Moving and Flashing Warning: Each of the examples in this post has animations. Continuous animations honor your system settings to reduce animation. You can also hide the rendered HTML in the embedded CodePens by hitting the “Result” control. The CSS background-clip property controls how much a background extends under a…


Tags: css, design

Under-Engineered Dependency Questions

Others in this sorta-series: Under-Engineered Custom Radio Buttons and Checkboxen Under-Engineered Toggles Under-Engineered Toggles Too Under-Engineered Text Boxen Under-Engineered Select Menus A common interface pattern allows users to choose one item from a pre-defined set of choices, while still allowing them to add a custom selection if nothing else fits.…


Tags: accessibility, css, html, pattern, usability, UX

Web Development Advent Calendars for 2021

Got myself one of those Bonne Maman jelly/jam advent calendars and am very much looking forward to opening the first day and all subsequent days. Web developers around the world have given a nod to Saturnalia solstice Isaac Newton’s birthday Christmas with advent calendars covering web-related topics. As a result,…


Tags: accessibility, css, design, html, internet, standards, UX