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Adrian Roselli
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a11yTO Conf: CSS Display Properties versus HTML Semantics

Update In early July 2022 I re-tested these to see how the results shaped up after nearly two years and at least one promise: It’s Mid-2022 and Browsers (Mostly Safari) Still Break Accessibility via Display Properties If the title is not clear, one browser stands out in failing to address…


Tags: accessibility, browser, css, html, slides

Alternative Text for CSS Generated Content

Relying on images that come from CSS has always been risky from an accessibility perspective. CSS background images, in particular, must either be purely decorative or be described to the user in some way. The risk is no different for images coming from CSS generated content using content: url(foo.gif) (typically…


Tags: accessibility, browser, css, standards, usability, UX

Dialog Focus in Screen Readers

Creating an accessible dialog on the web is trickier than it should be. Lack of support for the <dialog> element, the need for fundraisers to get inert into WebKit, inconsistent support for the ARIA dialog role, and other annoyances make them problematic. Scott O’Hara has spent a few years covering…


Tags: accessibility, browser, html, usability, UX