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Adrian Roselli
Natural-Language-Processed Blockchain Overlay CLI

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Accessible Emoji, Tweaked

Warning: The approach outlined in this post does not conform to WCAG 2.1 Success Criterion 1.4.13 Content on Hover or Focus, introduced in 2018 (two years after this post date). The CSS-only tool-tip described within cannot be dismissed and is not persistent. If you want to enhance it with JavaScript…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, css, design, html, pattern, print, usability, UX

Don’t Re-Create Browser Features

There has been some discussion lately around, of all things, text resizing widgets on web sites. It was kicked off by a post from Jeffrey Zeldman suggesting that perhaps it is time to bring them back. Even mighty responsive design benefits from offering a choice of font sizes—because there are…


Tags: accessibility, browser, design, fonts, overlay, usability, UX

Be Wary of Nesting Roles

As a web developer, you may take it for granted that you cannot nest a hyperlink. I mean, you can nest a hyperlink, but more likely than not you already know how problematic that can be — and not just because the validator will kick that back as an error.…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, ARIAbuse, html, standards, UX

Web Development Advent Calendars for 2016

The chocolate in that calendar was terrible. Terrible enough that I keep re-using this photo since I do not want to buy a new calendar. For a few years now web developers around the world have celebrated Saturnalia Christmas with advent calendars covering topics related to the web. Some come…


Tags: css, design, html, standards, UX