My Slides for Create Upstate 2016

The slides are embedded here for all to enjoy (or you can view the slides at SlideShare), whether or not you attended my workshop. Note that you can probably ignore the slides about exercises as I am not going to come around and review them with you.


Google’s photo album thinger grabbed some of the photos I took with my phone, added some music, and made it into a video. Unsurprisingly it has plenty of food photos. I’ll just embed it here for you to watch or ignore.


As always, I am embedding some tweets from the event. I think they give a good idea of the nature of the activities. There aren’t any from my workshop as the attendees were deep in thought and had no free time. Or at least that is what I will tell anyone who asks.


I also posted more photos to Tumblr (all using the #CreateUpstate hashtag) than appeared in my Tweets (but which captured everything I posted to Instagram), in case that sort of thing interests you.

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