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Adrian Roselli
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Where to Put Your Search Role

I really spent far too much time re-thinking that title. Please note that the HTML, ARIA, and WCAG specifications are changing, as well as the HTML validator. Please see the update below to get the latest as of December 16, 2015. If you have a search form on your site…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, html, pattern, standards, W3C, WAI, WCAG

A Case for Accessible Personal Health Records

There is a divide between the people building technology tools for patients and the patients that may use them. Too often tools are built in the same way one might build a social media app or a news web site. However, a great many users have a greater need for…


Tags: accessibility, standards, usability, UX as Analogue to Section 508 Refresh

Screen shot of with Chrome developer tools highlighting outline styles. I was thrilled to see the incredibly and wildly inaccessible web site get re-launched recently (here’s an example of the old site from March). The site is dedicated to accessibility information and resources for the federal government and…


Tags: accessibility, rant, standards