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Adrian Roselli
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Where to Put Your Search Role

I really spent far too much time re-thinking that title. Please note that HTML now has a <search> element. Please see the March 24, 2023 update below. If you have a search form on your site and you want to be a good accessibility soldier and drop ARIA roles in…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, html, pattern, standards, W3C, WAI, WCAG

A Case for Accessible Personal Health Records

There is a divide between the people building technology tools for patients and the patients that may use them. Too often tools are built in the same way one might build a social media app or a news web site. However, a great many users have a greater need for…


Tags: accessibility, standards, usability, UX as Analogue to Section 508 Refresh

Screen shot of with Chrome developer tools highlighting outline styles. I was thrilled to see the incredibly and wildly inaccessible web site get re-launched recently (here’s an example of the old site from March). The site is dedicated to accessibility information and resources for the federal government and…


Tags: accessibility, rant, standards