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Adrian Roselli
Pre-trained Machine Learning Overlay VTOL

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Don’t Tweet Pictures of Text

Good point @harper.— Jeremy Scheuch (@jeremyscheuch) December 8, 2014 Since this post was written, Twitter has added support for alternative text. It has also added videos and support for captions. If you decide you must tweet pictures of text, or videos with audio, my post Improving Your Tweet Accessibility…


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20 Years Since Netscape Navigator 1.0

Screen shot of the Netscape 1.0N browser information page. Twenty years ago today, Netscape Communications Corporation released version 1.0 of Navigator, the browser that became synonymous with the web (for the general public). Well, really the general public (and most developers) referred to the browser as Netscape, not by its…


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If you’ve got any stake in the wonderful world of spam bots, then you’ve probably heard about Google’s CAPTCHA update, the No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA. Essentially a user need only check a box and Google’s ground-up pixie dust automagically knows whether or not to believe you. A video overview of the…


Tags: accessibility, usability, UX

Web Development Advent Calendars for 2014

For a few years now web developers around the world have celebrated Saturnalia Christmas with advent calendars covering topics related to the web. Some come and go, but you’ll probably recognize a few regulars on this list. I may have missed some, so please pass them along if you know…


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