Accessibility Camp Toronto Slides: Selfish Accessibility

I’ve updated this post to include the video from the live stream, some links, and a few photos.

Selfish Accessibility: a11y Camp Toronto 2014


There was a live stream throughout the day, which was broken into a morning video and afternoon video. I’ve embedded the morning stream because it includes my talk. I don’t feel this was one of my better performances, but I also have not watched the video yet. You are welcome to do so and wince on my behalf. If the embed doesn’t start at the right place for you, you can either fast forward to 2:01:00, or you can view it set to start at that point on YouTube.

Surprisingly Flattering Tweets

I’m pleased to say that if you only watched Twitter, it looks like I did a good job getting my point across.

Some Pics

I snapped some photos, but I’m going to lead with this awesome sketchnote (I’ve never had a sketchnote of one of my talks, so this is pretty exciting for me):

Sketchnote from Andrea O Pietkiewicz. View the original tweet or on her site.
Sporting an AODA hat & Kirk tie, @DavidLepofsky fits into #a11yTO pretty well.
A sneak preview of The Viking & the Lumberjack at #a11yTO. That will never air.
Whose responsibility is #a11y? @dboudreau addresses in his talk for #a11yTO.
Food-oriented, with reluctant hero, hockey. @karlgroves wins the hand with Strange Brew. @FYCGame

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Update, December 6, 2014: AMI Event Recap

AMI Inside banner at the start of the video.

Toronto’s Accessible Media Inc (AMI) interviewed me in its coverage of the event, which is now live on the AMI site (season 1, episode 1, as this link will show the current AMI Inside episode not this specific episode over time). The abstract:

AMI Inside provides an all access pass to Accessibility Camp, Toronto. D.J. Demers takes us to OCAD University to learn about some of the most relevant digital accessibility topics. Find out what’s new in technology and hear firsthand from some of the attendees as well as Accessibility Specialist and camp co-organizer, George Zamfir.

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