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Alt Text on the Picture Element?

This is one of those posts that might interest only a few people and even then only if you are interested in a very specific aspect of this ongoing standard development. Yesterday I got into a conversation (just one of the messages) on the W3C Responsive Image Community Group mailing…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, html, standards, W3C

CSS Background Images & High Contrast Mode

I try to stay up on accessibility gotchas and weird browser implementations, but I just discovered one that I suspect I should have already known. In Steve Faulkner’s post, Notes on accessible CSS image sprites, he tosses out a factoid that was new to me: When high contrast mode is…


Tags: accessibility, browser, css, Internet Explorer, pattern, standards, W3C, WHCM

CSS-only Radial Menu Experiments

I have been working on a slow and plodding redesign of my personal site and am playing around with some navigation ideas. I wanted to create a JavaScript-free and image-free radial menu, an idea I toyed with a couple years ago and abandoned due to the lack of CSS support…


Tags: css, design, html, mobile, pattern, standards, touch, usability, UX

Age, Treachery Bests Youth, Skill

Social Media seems to be wildly misunderstood by some folks, including those within the social media profession who have the ability to use its own tools to spread that misunderstanding like a telephone game. Though my example is old news (by SM standards), I have seen it popping up for…


Tags: clients, rant, social media