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W3C Moves WAI-ARIA 1.0 to Candidate Recommendation

The W3C is on a roll this week. It’s the post-holiday rush, I think, which is at least making some stuff move forward. I just hope that all these new developments don’t get lost among each other. W3C has just published Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.0 as a Candidate…


Tags: accessibility, html, standards, W3C, WAI, WCAG

HTML5 Finally Gets… a Logo?

Start Rant With all the debate about elements, attributes, semantic meaning and who really owns HTML5, it’s thrilling to see that the W3C has risen above all the chaos to release something which should truly unify HTML5 and foster its widespread adoption (as soon as it is finished) across the…


Tags: css, html, rant, standards, W3C, whatwg

W3C and WHATWG Provide HTML5 Updates

W3C The W3C is pretty good about posting news when new HTML/CSS-related documents undergo updates, status changes, or generally move forward. On Friday the W3C HTML Working Group announced the publication of eight new documents. The brief release provides an even briefer overview of each, or you can see the…


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H.264 Getting Dropped from Chrome

If you pay any attention to the plodding chaos that is the development of HTML5, then you’ve probably seen the discussions around the video element and how best to encode videos. Over a year and half ago Ian Hickson gutted the video and audio portions of the HTML5 specification to…


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Time to Update Your Web Site Copyright Date

I wrote this up for the support forum for our web content management system, QuantumCMS, and thought it worth repeating here. The writing style is a little different considering the different audience. Think of this as a reminder to all of you who include a date on your web site…


Tags: rant

Twitter As Passive-Aggressive Enabler

There was once a time that if you wanted to lodge a complaint with a company or organization, you could rely on writing a strongly-worded letter. You might get a response in 6-8 weeks. Then came a point when you could call a support line and speak to a human…


Tags: Facebook, rant, social media, Twitter

Year-End Cliché

I can’t turn on the TV, surf the web, or peer into my Twitter feed without stumbling into another year-end wrap-up of 2010. These dime-a-dozen contrivances abound like the proverbial lemming to the cliff (lemmings don’t really do that, it’s also a contrivance). However, there have been enough of some…


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