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Don’t Choose Between Mobile Web and Mobile Apps

When Adobe released InDesign it included a novel feature that was otherwise unheard of to the average agency — the ability to import content into its page templates from XML data. Having developed a web content management system (QuantumCMS for those of you interested in hiring us), we had selected…


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W3C Starts Mobile Web App Standards Roadmap

The W3C has taken a step toward gathering all the information relevant to the mobile web, as authored by its disparate working groups, under one umbrella as a singular (recurring) reference source: Standards for Web Applications on Mobile: February 2011 current state and roadmap (read the accompanying W3C blog post).…


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WebM, H.264 Debate Still Going

On February 2, Microsoft released a plug-in for Chrome on Windows 7 to allow users to play H.264 video directly in Chrome. In addition, Microsoft has said that it will support WebM (VP8) when a user has the codec installed. And so began the fragmentation of the HTML video model,…


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Beyond Hash-Bangs: Reliance on JavaScript Is a Bad Idea

In November I wrote up a post (How Many Users Support JavaScript?) outlining the process and results from Yahoo’s study about how many users have JavaScript disabled (How many users have JavaScript disabled? and Followup: How many users have JavaScript disabled?). The Numbers In those articles, Yahoo stated that even…


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Apps Are Not Killing the Web

Forrester Research is an oft-cited source by businesses when making decisions or declarations about trends and technologies. In many circles Forrester is something of a de facto standard for analysis. As such I fully expect to start dealing with a recent statement from its CEO claiming that the web is…


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URL Shortener Spam Overrunning Blogger Stats

URL shorteners are in your web logs, stealing your clicks. Ok, maybe not in all your logs, but certainly they can show up in reports, tricking you to click on them, potentially exposing you to spam or viruses. If you aren’t familiar with URL shorteners, they evolved as a method…


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