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Adrian Roselli
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Election Day Tools

If you are in the United States and not dead, it’s kind of hard to miss all the chaos leading up to election day next week. Surprisingly, not a lot of people seem to know where their voting place is or even if they are registered to vote. Conveniently, Google…


Tags: Foursquare, geolocation, Google, internet, mobile, social media

Frivolous Patents on the Web

The history of the web is littered with unexpected patent claims that feel frivolous to nearly all. These are driven partly by a terrible system for reviewing and awarding patents and a litigious society that sustains a business model of lawsuits in the hopes that some will just pay.The latest…


Tags: internet, patents, rant, standards, W3C

IE Below 50%, But Not Universally

Perhaps you’ve seen the news, read the tweets, heard web developers shouting from rooftops (which is a heck of climb from the caves in which they are usually kept) — Microsoft Internet Explorer, the browser that has caused developers so much strife, has dropped below 50% market share. It’s looking…


Tags: browser, Internet Explorer, Microsoft

Libya’s Terror Plot: Link Rot (Linkpocalypse?)

This is somewhat old news now (it’s 5 days old — an eternity) but I think it bears mentioning. The URL shortener was shut down by the Libyan government when it seized control of the domain The Libyan government runs, the registrar for all things Libyan.…


Tags: internet, rant, social media, standards

Humorous Social Media Infographics

Sometimes the best way to get the point across is with humor. A couple posts in the last couple of days are doing just that and exposing a little about how people use Facebook along with the current social media landscape. Facebook Portraits A comic / writer / designer put…


Tags: mobile, social media