Firefox 3.6 Is Here

As you may have noticed in my warning tweet yesterday, Firefox 3.6 is out.

Firefox 3.6 was released today and is the very browser I am using to write this post. So far it hasn’t blown up, and I abuse my browsers with tab counts around 70 or so. It’s memory footprint isn’t any smaller, but I am not terribly surprised by that. I am disappointed to find out that my HTML validator plug-in is not compatible, but it should be updated within a few days if prior experience is any guide. I would recommend against using the personas feature, the skins they put on your browser just make it harder to use when you have your toolbars full of buttons. You can grab your own copy from the Firefox 3.6 download page.

The Mozilla blog announced it today along with the following features and updates (copied from their post):

Back in October I posted about coming support for Web Open Font Format (WOFF) in the post Firefox 3.6 to Support Web Open Font Format. In case it’s not obvious by now, that is the feature I will be trying out the most in the next few days.

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