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Adrian Roselli
Integrated Funded System MVP

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To Hell with Bad Editors

This article was originally posted on, an online resource for web developers, maintained by web developers. I have granted the right to use this article on their web site, and they are the only entity with the right to reproduce it. By now everyone has had the opportunity…


Tags: html, rant, standards

Inside the Rebuild: The HTML and CSS

It’s been three months since rolled out its new design. People have been asking what we did, why we did it, and how we did it. I’ll try to address these questions in the context of the HTML, the CSS, and the overall site design. (Nobody seems to care…


Tags: css, design, html, standards, usability

Juno – Free Email for Megahertz

The Details As of January 18, Juno’s new service agreement has been in effect. As with all service agreements of this nature, they notify you of a change, and if you continue to use the service, you are bound by it. So what? Well, there’s a new feature that Juno…