Canada to Force Re-registration of all .ca Domains

The Register reports that Canada is dealing with URL disputes by setting up a non-profit organization called the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) that will force all .ca domain name holders to re-apply for their domains.

This transfers the responsibility for the registry from the volunteer organization at the University of British Columbia. Part of the plan is to relax restrictions on .ca domain name registration.

“Pre-registration of existing .ca domain names is the only way to ensure that they are transitioned into the CIRA Registry before we can begin accepting new requests under more liberal rules,” said Glen Bloom, Co-chair of the CIRA Board.

With a November 1, 2000 deadline, and only a 30-day grace period after that, that doesn’t leave much time for the remaining 82,000 Canadian web sites to get their domains re-registered – for another $20. There is a list of certified Registrars at the CIRA web site

There is a press release on the CIRA web site that explains the new policy. You can also comment on the new Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Draft Policy through October 29, 2000.

It seems that before this new organization was set up, only federal companies or trademark holders (of the domain name) could register. The old policy, “Framework for the administration of the .CA domain name system” was put together by the Canadian Domain Name Consultative Committee. This report is from September 15, 1998.

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