IE5.0 for Mac Delayed Again

Microsoft has verified reports that Internet Explorer 5.0 will be pushed back from the fall release date to a winter release date. Back in July, Microsoft acknowledged the shift from a summer release date to a fall release date.

According to Microsoft, the delay is due to their attempts to introduce “cool end-user features” while still offering “strict compliance” with the W3C HTML guidelines, although which HTML version was not specified. Full implementation of CSS1 and partial implementation of CSS2 is promised, as well as a plan to have both the Mac and Windows versions use the same DOM.

Putting aside the potential oxymoron of “cool features” and “strict compliance,” it will also offer some Macintosh-only features, such as an auction-watch feature, and the ability to scale smaller fonts up so they more closely match those represented in web pages viewed on a Windows version of IE.

Outlook Express 5.0 for Mac is supposedly still on schedule for a fall release.

You can get more information at or at MacWEEK.

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