XHTML 1.0 Now Proposed Recommendation by W3C

The W3C yesterday reclassified the XHTML 1.0 specification from a working draft to a proposed recommendation.

The XHTML specification is a reformulation of the HTML 4.0 specification as an XML 1.0 application, as well as three DTDs corresponding to ones defined by HTML 4.0.

From the date this entered a proposed recommendation review period until September 22, 1999, W3C Advisory Committee representatives are encouraged to review this specification.

XHTML will appear very familiar to those who know HTML, since it still uses the greater-than and less-than symbols to denote markup tags as well as many familiar HTML tags and attributes. However, it introduces a number of new restrictions and features designed to make it both compatible with old browsers that support previous HTML specifications, and compliant with XML and future generations of XML-compliant browsers.

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