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The @SMCBuffalo, @whereslloyd and City Wine (@ericbuffalo) crew responsible for #TacoVino.

The @SMCBuffalo, @whereslloyd and City Wine (@ericbuffalo) crew responsible for #TacoVino.
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  • Blue Bottle drip coffee at Bowery Beef
  • I already know this is true because @nb3004 told me so!
  • @nb3004 its your week!
This pic was taken with an Android phone on December 30, 2010.
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  • Moving on to the wine part of #TacoVino.
  • There's a good line for @whereslloyd tacos at #SMCBuffalo's #TacoVino event.
  • The @SMCBuffalo, @whereslloyd and City Wine (@ericbuffalo) crew responsible for #TacoVino.
  • Italian wedding soup.
  • Bracciole special.
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  • Prosecco and freshly-made lemon basil sorbet to ring in the new year.
  • Hey @ThinkGeek, the Tannenbomb I gave my bro has been going non-stop since Dec. 24.
  • Soup? In nearly 5 hours I'll see if my new recipe works...
  • I think they stole this idea from me this morning.
  • Duck tacos from @whereslloyd for #TacoVino.
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