Buffalo Food Trucks

Updated July 19, 2016. Removed Google fonts on this page to help speed page rendering. Twitter embed code has changed, so stuff might be wonky. Trucks that are primarily brick-n-mortar appear farther down the list. Layout tweaked to limit page jumping as feeds load and to make better use of space on mobile.

Note: I am only tracking Twitter accounts from food trucks. If you want to find a truck here and it doesn’t have a Twitter account, hit the Buffalo Eats guide. I also list them at the bottom of this page, which is followed by a list of Rochester trucks.

Twitter Feeds

If you know of one I missed (and that is actually mobile and not just a permanently parked truck), please let me know through my contact page or on the Twitters. Trucks that haven’t tweeted yet in 2016 are gone

I am not adding Bread + Coffee, since it will never, ever move.

Buffalo Food Trucks not on Twitter

I don’t know why. However, you can visit their other online presences:

Rochester Food Trucks

I don’t go there often enough anymore, so I am not embedding them. However, sometimes they come to Buffalo. Here are a few of them:

Other Buffalo Food Truck Info Sources

Other Buffalo food truck pages (can’t speak to when they are updated):