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Adrian Roselli
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Don’t Blame Opera, Blame Devs

On Wednesday news broke that Opera was going to support some Webkit CSS vendor prefixes. On its surface I thought this wasn’t exactly big news. There was a good deal of hubbub about this back in February (Browser Makers Caving to Vendor Prefix Misuse) when word got out that Mozilla,…


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WHATWG as W3C Community Group in Name Only

As of Monday, April 23, The W3C has announced that it is looking for a new editor for the HTML Working Group specifically tasked with shepherding HTML5 through the process until it reaches a formal recommendation. Ian Hickson (Hixie) made the request for a call for his replacement so he…


Tags: html, patents, standards, W3C, whatwg

Dining in the Dark

A blindfolded photo attempt of my meal, served and eaten in near darkness. Thankfully it turns out that my aim with my fork was better than my aim with my cellphone camera. Two weeks ago our longtime client Olmsted Center for Sight (formerly the lengthily-named Elizabeth Pierce Olmsted, M.D. Center…


Tags: accessibility, food, UX, WAI, WCAG

Speaking at Buffalo’s Entrepalooza 2012 – May 10

Buffalo has had an Entrepalooza event for eight years now that caters to small businesses, start-ups, and any manner of entrepreneur. University at Buffalo’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Alumni Association (CELAA) has also run an Ask the Experts session of round-table discussions along with an expo for local small businesses.…


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Where’s the Viewport Size Data?

StatCounter released data on Wednesday showing that the screen resolution of 1,366 x 768 has surpassed 1,024 x 768 as the most common screen resolution. If you’ve paid attention to the drive for widescreen displays on newer machines, this may not come as much of a surprise to you. I…


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For many years I’ve pushed for print styles for sites. It’s an easy step to take in the course of developing a site, easy to test, and the techniques to do it have been around for over a decade. Something as rigid as a tabled layout could be relatively easily…


Tags: browser, css, print, rant, standards

More Evidence of the Need for Print Styles

Readers of this blog know of my regular frustration with web sites that don’t have print styles. Part of this is fueled by all the lip service supposed responsive web developers pay to adapting to different screen sizes, but who fail to consider the printed page when we’ve had support…


Tags: css, print, rant, standards

W3C CSS Odor Module Released

The web was always a visual medium, but with the addition of sound and video it has locked up two human senses. With development of specifications and techniques around vibration, the internet you “feel” is getting closer, too. That leaves only a couple senses left to cover Ever since the…


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