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Adrian Roselli
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Is RSS at Risk?

I spent about a thousand words explaining RSS before I realized that, for the most part, if you are reading this blog I have to guess you have some familiarity with it (at least by just having heard of it). If you need some background, Wikipedia has a pretty good…


Tags: geolocation, Mapquest, rant, RSS, social media, standards

HTML5 Goes to Last Call (of First Step)

If you follow the ongoing developments of HTML5, by which I mean the W3C specification and not the regular JavaScript and CSS sites-of-cool-gee-whiz bandied about across the web ( (Not Really) Updated to HTML5, Google Doodle: Bouncy Balls Aren’t HTML5, Google, Arcade Fire Confused on HTML5), then you probably know…


Tags: html, standards, W3C

More on Image alt Requirement in HTML5

Nearly two weeks ago I wrote up a post outlining the W3C decision to no longer require the alt attribute on images in HTML5: Image alt Attributes Not Always Required in HTML5. I was genuinely surprised to see that was the most popular post on this blog and garnered the…


Tags: accessibility, html, standards, W3C, WCAG, whatwg